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Ontario Cancer Profiles
Ontario Cancer Profiles

Ontario Cancer Profiles is a self-serve, interactive mapping tool. It gives you the ability to create custom graphs, maps and tables that show recent provincial and regional statistics on select cancer burden, risk factor and screening indicators. This allows you to create profiles that support targeted cancer control and prevention efforts.

Ontario Cancer Profiles

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Note: Two versions of the tool are available for people with different speed internet connections. If you’re working with a slower internet connection, you can access the lower-bandwidth version of the tool for faster load times. Please note that it contains fewer options for data combinations. Learn more about the differences in our Frequently Asked Questions.

This tool can sometimes have difficulty loading in older browsers. If the tool does not seem to be loading please try using a different browser.

This tool can be viewed on most mobile devices. However, it is optimized for use on a desktop computer.

Ontario Cancer Profiles was last updated on January 30, 2017.

What does Ontario Cancer Profiles allow you to do?

  • Generate customized Local Health Integration Network-level statistics, as well as comparable Ontario statistics, on cancer incidence and mortality, select modifiable risk factors and social determinants of health, and cancer screening participation gaps for Ontario’s three cancer screening programs
  • Examine statistics on two indicators of interest simultaneously using the double map feature
  • Produce downloadable maps or graphs, or export the data for further analysis
How to use Ontario Cancer Profiles
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Data Tables

You can also access the data found in Ontario Cancer Profiles in the data tables below.

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